Aloe Vera and Its Benefits For the Future of Medicine

Aloe Vera and Its Benefits For the Future of Medicine

As you may know Aloe is fast becoming one of the plants that are being commonly used as a vital ingredient in herbal medicine and cosmetology. Be it the gel, cream, lotion, moisturizer, or the shower gel, it simply looks like Aloe Vera has come to stay. People believe that this remarkable herb has found mention in the Rig Vedas that many centuries ago and it is claimed to be one of the earliest books on natural medicine.

Even back in those days the Aloe Vera was given a special place when it came to treatment of the reproductive system and the liver. As per the findings of botanists this herb first came from places where the climate was warm and grew best in tropical and sub-tropical regions. But the fame of this plant grew so much that it has been carried over to practically every corner of the world, and because of it very adjusting nature it grows pretty well in most places the only condition being that it needs warm surroundings.

Researches have proved the medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera in various sectors of the medical world. The Aloe Vera is used in many cosmetics and it is also consumed as a health drink. Both the juice and the gel are excellent remedies for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and other related disorders.

Drinking the juice of Aloe is said to be good for the absorption of many nutrients and also for improving the immune system of your body. Of late the FDA has permitted the use of the Aloe Vera plant to conduct studies regarding it benefits in fighting the dreaded cancer and also in trying to better the AIDS disease when the immune system of the body is rather low.

When used regularly the Aloe Vera is said to help fight the aging process by fighting against the elements that set off age. Nutritionists have proved that it also contains LDL or low density lipoprotein which assists in lowering cholesterol, so patients who are suffering from cardiovascular disorders and people who have high blood pressure are recommended to take it.

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