Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Hypnosis


Every form of healing or therapy can be said to have advantages and disadvantages. No one method is perfect. No single theory can really answer all the questions.

Properly applied self hypnosis, however, is one of the most profound forms of healing because it brings the practitioner into rapport with the deeper parts of their own mind. When you are really in rapport with the deeper aspects of yourself, when you really feel deeply accepted, you are capable of incredible healing and able to achieve much more in your life. Learning to develop self acceptance is a great advantage of self hypnosis that is not present in many healing and therapeutic methods.

How is the self acceptance developed?

Relaxation is the first part of almost any self-hypnosis routine. Relaxation is the physical portion of those feelings of deep acceptance. As the body becomes comfortable with relaxing, the deeper aspects of the mind begin to feel more accepted. This is actually another strong advantage of practicing self hypnosis: even if nothing else works, you will learn to relax, which is very healing all by itself.

What about disadvantages to self hypnosis?

The primary disadvantage of self hypnosis for most people is that consistent practice is required. To build the real momentum of self acceptance that frees up energy for healing and achieving goals takes time and sincere practice to cultivate.

Relaxation can be learned right away, but acceptance takes time!

This is actually an advantage in disguise. It appears to be a disadvantage because most people want to pay some money, take a pill, and have all their dreams suddenly come true. With self hypnosis, you keep coming back to practice and notice that things gradually get easier and easier. Your habits slowly change. Your start to feel better about yourself, your successes, and your shortcomings (you heard correctly… you start to feel better about your own perceived shortcomings, flaws, challenges, etc.).

When you make your transformation a gradual process, you are much more likely to keep the results, and continue on the journey of personal growth.

Would you like to reap some of the advantages of self-hypnosis right now?

  1. Find a quiet place and sit upright. Allow yourself to relax.
  2. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, say to yourself “I deeply accept and appreciate myself!”
  3. Take another deep breath and as you exhale, relax a little more and say “Even though I sometimes screw up, I still deeply accept and appreciate myself.”
  4. Take a third deep breath and as you exhale, state “And even if I were to screw something up in the future, I choose to continue to deeply accept and appreciate myself even more.”
  5. Now just take a few moments to enjoy sitting by yourself peacefully. Let the deeper lessons sink in. Let the complete self acceptance flow through you.

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