Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) functions as an excito and neurotoxin; killing brain cells. It causes retinal degeneration, endocrine disorders and is part of what is referred to as the glutamate cascade. This glutamate cascade is associated with a number of pathological conditions such as addiction, stroke, epilepsy, neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.

MSG has over 65 hidden names in our food supply today. Concealed names such as Citric Acid and Carrageenan are two. MSG is manufactured by using junk vegetables (that are unfit to eat), boiled in a vat of sulfuric acid for several hours and then the acid is neutralized with caustic soda. The brown sludge is scrapped off the top and dried into a powder. From there it is shipped to food manufacturers across the globe. The United States alone uses in excess of 80 million pounds annually.

In 1968, the first published report of an adverse reaction to MSG appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine. In 1969 the first evidence that MSG causes brain lesions and neuroendocrine disorders in lab animals was published in Science 1969. By the mid 1970s, baby food manufacturers eliminated the toxin and epidemiological studies indicated that 25% or more of adults in the US reacted adversely to MSG. The FDA admitted that “processed free glutamic acid or MSG” found in reaction flavors, which are produced from animal or vegetable fats including hydrolyzed vegetable protein, is also carcinogenic!

MSG is a white almost odorless powder that is a man-made chemical. It is a food enhancer, not a preservative. It makes any piece of red meat taste like a filet mignon or a piece of chocolate taste like a slice of heaven.

Take a look at the hidden MSG ingredients and check your pantry. It’s a good bet you’ll find them. These excitotoxins are directly linked to the Fibromyalgia and chronic pain you are experiencing. If you eliminate MSG from anything you intake within 24 hours you should find pain relief.

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