12 Strand DNA Activation – Advanced Self Hypnosis DNA Meditation


When you are ready to go beyond your traditional meditation exercises you may want to consider exercises those that are meant to activate twelve strand DNA. This is not something for the beginner to explore but when done effectively can have a profound impact on every single fiber of your being. This form of meditation literally affects who you are on a cellular level because it turns on 10 stands of your DNA. Your body currently only utilizes 2 strands.

A Whole New World

When you learn to turn on and off various strands of your DNA in order to fully use them all to your best advantage you will literally be entering the next stage of your evolution. You are opening the doors to a new world of being when you unlock the secrets to twelve strand DNA activation.

What Does Twelve Strand DNA Mean to You?

Activating the remaining 10 strands of DNA in your genetic material would be similar to waking up inside the Matrix. In an instant the way you view the world will be infinitely different. Every sense will be more in the blink of an eye. With the power of your mind you will be able to boost your own immunity, remember more, understand more, and feel more than you’ve ever felt before.

Discover Unlimited Potential

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the best at something? When you tap into the twelve strand DNA within you, you will never need to wonder again. You will have the ability to be the best at almost anything you try. Whether you make use of that ability and what you do with it are entirely up to you.

Creating a Better World with Twelve Strand DNA

The hope would be that you would put this amazing gift to work for the greater good. Can you imagine how much good you would be able to do with nearly unlimited and completely unrivaled potential? There isn’t enough that can be said about the responsibility of great gifts such as this. If you’ve sacrificed enough to learn the type of self hypnosis practices required to make this happen you ought to realize the value of using this knowledge to benefit all mankind.

Self Hypnosis and Meditation are First Steps on this Journey

Every journey begins with a single step. No one will ever go down the pathway to enlightenment without first learning to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the journey. You must take the steps required to activate your remaining 10 strands in order to fully appreciate what this knowledge could mean to you.

Sometimes the Journey is the Reward

Whether you truly believe or not, the pursuit is often noble enough to receive some sort of rewards in many things in life. Whether you believe you will unlock your twelve strand DNA or not, the journey to get there is definitely a journey worth taking.

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