What to Avoid after Plastic Surgery

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It can be difficult to get used to your period of rest after a significantly impacting surgery. While it may be beneficial to re-introduce very light exercise and your normal routine in small increments, here is a list of things you must avoid at all costs.  

  1. Avoid Bad Health Choices

Nicotine can thin the blood and make your recovery period a lot more difficult, and alcohol can reduce your immune system. Salty and sugary foods can make you more likely to swell. Avoiding these is crucial in the 4 weeks after your surgery in order to enhance your recovery period. Instead, supplement your diet with fibre-rich and vitamin-packed foods to speed up your recovery and enhance your natural immune system. 

  1. Clothes to Avoid

After a tummy tuck, it is important to avoid binding clothing, such as tummy control underwear, to avoid injuring your body even more. Similarly to after a tummy tuck, do not wear undergarments that are restrictive around the area, such as an underwire bra. An underwire bra can irritate your incisions and stop your implants from settling. Avoiding these items and wearing loose clothing will enhance your recovery. 

  1. Avoid limited medications

After some procedures, there will be certain medications that you might have to avoid. A common one is aspirin- make sure you avoid these so as not to hinder your recovery. Taking prohibited medications may result in severe health complications- so listen to your surgeon!

  1. Exercises to avoid

           Avoid exercises that are concentrated around the area you have been operated on. For example, after a tummy tuck, avoid exercises centred on your core to protect your injuries, such as planking, squats, sit-ups, or lifting weights. Protecting your core is key to recovering after abdominoplasty. After a breast augmentation, avoid swimming or lifting weights in order to let the implants settle and heal properly. Find out more about breast enhancement at breast augmentation in Manchester. 

  1. Avoid the Sun

The Sun, while good for administering Vitamin D, emits Ultraviolet light. These rays can be detrimental to the healing of your incisions. Make sure to limit the amount of time you spend outdoors, or spend plenty of time in the shade. You could also make sure you’re covered with full length clothing when you go outside. This will protect your incisions and make sure your healing journey is unhindered.

  1. Avoid impatience

Try to be as patient as you can and do not try to do too much and rush along your healing journey, especially if you have had multiple surgeries. A ‘mummy makeover’ is a combined abdominoplasty with breast lift/enhancement, and can be extremely stressful on the body. If you’ve had multiple procedures, be as patient as you can and do not rush your recovery. This is crucial in order to heal properly, and get the most out of your procedure. 

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