1. Healthy Living

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet that includes calcium, magnesium, protein and vitamins.
  • Exercise regularly particularly exercises that lengthen the muscle such as swimming and cycling.
  • Get enough hours of sleep, at least 8.
  • Say no to smoke and stay away from people who smoke.
  • Say no to drinking alcohol.

2. Exercises to Increase Height

You can find many types of exercises particularly stretching exercises to grow taller. These are particularly developed to lengthen the body.

3. Let Shoes do the Trick

If you want instant fix, then do the shoe-trick. You may wear designed to increase height also known as elevating shoes. Elevating shoes these days are innovative so people will hardly notice you are wearing a pair of these kinds of shoes. You will instantly add 4 inches by putting them on.

4. Human Growth Hormones

As the term suggest, these are hormones to stimulate growth. There are HGH products that can be taken orally like pills, spray or powders. However, you might not want to spend money on these products since once HGH made its way to the stomach they will already be broken down so they won’t enter the bloodstream. There are HGH injections but they should be prescribed by doctors since it is risky as it might lead to complications.

5. Pilates

You can find Pilates moves that can increase height. Pilates improves one’s posture and thus anyone who does Pilates will stand taller. With Pilates your body extends, stretch, lengthen and strengthen. It can help you grow to your maximum body height.

6. Yoga

Doing yoga is another way to increase height. Yoga originated from India and is popularly known to enhance physical and spiritual well-being. It has established its reputation to help people stay fit. Yoga is said not to have any effect while someone is in his or her growth phase. What yoga does is it stretches and elongates your spine resulting to the creation of space and developing your spinal muscles. Yoga makes you hold yourself up more properly thus making you look taller.

7. Height Increase Surgery

It is a set of procedure that places rod on the limbs to allow growth. This way of increasing height is painful and very expensive although results can give you as much as 12 inches increase in height. Recuperation will be extensive and long. You may also be in a risk. But with the guaranteed results many who desperately want to grow taller would undergo the surgery.

8. Supplements

There many height increasing supplements available but most are not effective. If you want guaranteed results, you should choose Growth Flex-V PRO System. It is 100 percent natural and it is proven to stimulate increase in the production of Human Growth Hormone levels. Along with a healthy lifestyle, you can use Growth-FlexV® PRO System for faster and better results. Grow taller exercises, balanced diet, adequate sleep and Growth-FlexV® PRO System are all you need to increase your height.

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