Tofu and Candida Diet – Can We Eat it During the Program?


It must be hard adjusting to your diet when you are suffering from candida. The anti-candida diet, as we know, is not the easy kind of diet. You have to be really careful in finding out what is inside each and everything you eat and drink, not to mention be extra creative as the diet can be really dull. People with candida have to adjust to their diet according to their unique body conditions.

One patient is likely to experience die-off right now. She started taking Caprylic Acid a few days ago and noticed that her symptoms worsen more than ever. While hoping that she will feel better after the die-off, she would like to know if she could eat tofu as part of her anti-candida diet. Clearly she’s been having difficult time adjusting to the diet.

Another patient has heard that tofu is okay to consume and other times heard that it is bad. According to her own experience, she has it a couple of times a week. She tries to limit soy products and not eat them every day, because she doesn’t want to end up developing an allergy to soy. Since she is a vegetarian, her food choices are pretty limited and she doesn’t want to have to stop eating tofu.

According to another woman who has candida and eats tofu, she takes it in limited quantities and it doesn’t give her any reaction whatsoever. In fact, she finds it a valuable source of protein even though you still need to check what exactly is in the tofu. Like most ‘grey area’ foods, it’s a matter of using common sense and extreme moderation.

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