This is How Natural Graves’ Disease Treatment Methods Restored My Health


Graves’ Disease is labeled as being an incurable condition by most endocrinologists and other medical doctors. However, many holistic doctors have a different viewpoint of this condition. Being a holistic healthcare professional, to no surprise I was open to a natural Graves’ Disease treatment protocol when I was first diagnosed with this condition. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t skeptical though, as while I really wasn’t concerned about the safety of natural treatment methods, I honestly wasn’t sure how effective they would be.

While I wouldn’t label my symptoms as being too severe, it still was tough dealing with the increased pulse rate, and the palpitations made it difficult to fall asleep at times. Add to this the shakiness, weight loss, and increase in appetite, and like many others with Graves’ Disease I was considering taking anti-thyroid drugs to help manage the symptoms. As for radioactive iodine, it really wasn’t presented to me as an initial option by the endocrinologist I saw, although I’m sure that would have changed in a few months or years after taking the anti-thyroid drugs. After all, the anti-thyroid drugs do nothing more than manage the symptoms, although sometimes it will put the person into a temporary state of remission.

In any case, I never considered receiving radioactive iodine, but who knows what would have happened had I decided to take the anti-thyroid drugs. But I didn’t, as I made the choice to follow a natural Graves’ Disease protocol, and it really did help to restore my health back to normal. It only took a few weeks for the increased heart rate, palpitations, and shakiness symptoms to decrease. And within a few months all of my symptoms were gone, the blood tests and adrenal tests had dramatically improved and eventually normalized, and overall I felt great.

How Can A Natural Graves’ Disease Treatment Protocol Be So Effective?

Before I answer this question, let me be frank and inform you that not everyone responds to natural Graves’ Disease treatment methods. However, when you think about it, there really isn’t anything to lose by following such a protocol, as the very worst case scenario is that it doesn’t work and you’ll have to resort to anti-thyroid drugs or RAI. However, the reason why a natural Graves’ Disease treatment protocol has a great chance of restoring your health back to normal is because unlike conventional medical treatment methods, natural treatment methods try to get to the underlying cause of the condition.

What you need to understand is that in most cases of Graves’ Disease, the problematic thyroid gland isn’t the underlying cause of the disorder. So while prescription drugs might do a good job of managing the symptoms, they will do absolutely nothing for the actual cause of the disorder. On the other hand, the goal of any natural Graves’ Disease treatment protocol is to cure the cause of the disorder. Here are some of the things that can lead to the development of Graves’ Disease:

• Weak adrenal glands
• A compromised immune system
• Poor digestion
• Hormonal imbalances
• Nutritional deficiencies
• Exposure to environmental toxins
• Problems with other areas of the body

Usually it’s a combination of some of these factors that lead to the development of an autoimmune thyroid condition. So when someone with Graves’ Disease consults with a natural endocrine doctor, not only will they look at the thyroid blood tests that other healthcare professionals evaluate, but they most likely will recommend one or more additional tests to determine whether the person has one or more of these problems.

For example, everyone with Graves’ Disease has a compromised immune system. However, not everyone has the same factors which cause the immune system to become weakened. Many people who eat a lot of refined foods and sugars and/or do a poor job of handling stress develop weak adrenal glands, which in turn can cause the autoimmune response and thyroid malfunction and lead to an autoimmune thyroid disorder. Another person might have an imbalance with the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which can create havoc in the body, and lead to problems with the immune system as well.

The point is, just focusing on the thyroid gland is a big mistake. And this is why most doctors think that Graves’ Disease is incurable, as they focus all of their efforts on stopping the excess production of thyroid hormone, and never think about what’s causing the thyroid gland to malfunction in the first place. So the reason why natural Graves’ Disease treatment methods can be so effective is because they don’t just try to cover up the symptoms, but try to find and then eliminate the cause of the actual condition.

Finding A Doctor That Specializes In Natural Graves’ Disease Treatment Methods

While there are many naturopaths, holistic medical doctors, and other healthcare professionals that might be able to help restore your health back to normal, in my opinion it is a good idea to consult with a natural endocrine doctor. The reason for this is because such a doctor will focus on endocrine disorders, and therefore will have more experience seeing people with Graves’ Disease when compared with a natural doctor who sees many different types of conditions.

Whatever you decide to do, try to keep an open mind. I realize it can be difficult not to be skeptical about natural Graves’ Disease treatment methods, especially when just about all endocrinologists and general medical practitioners will recommend either drugs or RAI. And don’t get me wrong, as some people really do need these conventional treatment methods. However, in most cases, it doesn’t make sense to temporarily manage the symptoms through anti-thyroid drugs, or damage the thyroid gland through radioactive iodine.

Most people just don’t realize there are other options out there, and now that you have learned this information, hopefully you will give natural Graves’ Disease treatment methods a try. If you’re like most people who follow a natural treatment protocol, you will not only feel healthy and full of energy, but will regret that you didn’t take action sooner.

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