The Secret to Saving Sanity As a New Mom – Use Self-Hypnosis!


As a new mom it is easy to feel overwhelmed, sleep deprived and at times disconnected from yourself since every extra minute is dedicated to your new precious baby. I found a little secret I want to share with you that helped me recharge and get through this transition stage feeling confident and refreshed.

First off, everyone gave me the advice – sleep when the baby sleeps. That’s great but sometimes my baby would only take 20-30 minutes naps. This was barely enough time for me to close my eyes and clear my mind. During these periods where I wanted rest I started using my ipod. I downloaded a couple self-hypnosis MP3’s to try. I plugged in my headphones, closed my eyes, listened to a relaxing voice and in a half an hour woke up feeling amazing. This was my secret for a “power nap.” Recharging with these self-hypnosis’s made me feel more relaxed, calm and gave me the energy to multi-task while caring for my infant. I recommend every mom should try this.

It’s very easy to find balance when you are reenergizing your mind and reinforcing it with positive affirmations. If there is something specific you want to change or work on in your life, there is most likely a self-hypnosis download for it. For new moms like me, I recommend a relaxation or sleep MP3. There are even some entitled, “power nap” which I love because it is short and wakes you up with energy at the end of the session.

Secondly I’m going to let you in on another secret. For new mom’s wanting to increase intimacy with their partner or wanting to boost the natural sex drive – there are self-hypnosis downloads to help. There are many that help increase a man or woman’s libido and if you want to take it a step further there are erotic hypnosis downloads to enjoy as a couple. I know it might sound funny, but it is important to maintain a good sexual relationship with your partner, especially after children are added to the mix. For me, just getting the proper amount of rest utilizing self-hypnosis was enough to jump start my sex life with my partner again.

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