The Positive Side of Fear and Phobias


Your fears protect you from numerous dangers. Whenever you are facing a dangerous situation you are alarmed by intense fear. This sensation has a protective function.

When you are afraid that something bad may happen to you, you are very careful. When you are indifferent to dangerous situations and you are not alarmed by any fear even though you are in danger, you don’t pay attention to what you are doing. You may fall into a trap only because of your negligence.

Most people try to eliminate their fears, believing that they are unjustified and that their fears have only a negative meaning. However, the main function of every fear is protective. When you are afraid you don’t make the mistakes you usually do when you are relaxed and distracted.

All heroes always are afraid of the dangerous situations they have to face. Nobody passes through dangerous experiences without feeling how dangerous they really are thanks to their fears.

When you are afraid, you understand that you have to be serious. You understand that you are in trouble.

Don’t be afraid of your fears. You must be afraid of many dangers because this is how you will be careful and protect yourself. You should in fact be afraid of your indifference to dangerous situations.

However, your fears may cause a paralysis, and have a negative effect. This means that you must be able to show courage, besides being afraid.

Therefore, if you are insecure and afraid, the real solution for you is not the elimination of your fears. You have to pass through dangerous situations while you are afraid of what could happen to you. This is how you will become strong and learn how to show courage in life, even when you are afraid. You will also stop having unjustified fears generated by absurd thoughts.

You will be helped by translating the meaning of your dreams because the unconscious mind gives you information about your reality and about what could happen to you in the future. You learn how to protect yourself and how to prepare positive future results.

The unconscious mind is God’s mind. This is a scientific and religious truth that will completely change the world now that I managed to simplify and clarify the complicated, obscure, and time consuming method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung.

This is the only method that accurately translates God’s words in dreams because Jung looked for the meaning of the dream language like an archaeologist who was looking for the meaning of an ancient language. He didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with his suppositions. I precisely followed his lessons, based on his method of dream interpretation. This means that I didn’t distort the meaning of dreams with my suppositions.

I precisely followed Carl Jung’s method in order to discover the meaning of many dream symbols. I was even more obedient to the divine guidance in dreams. I was even more obedient to the divine guidance in dreams. This is why I could discover what exists into the unknown region of our brain and psyche.

The scientific translations are complicated because we have to analyze numerous details and relate this information to many other details. You are lucky because I managed to simplify this process, besides discovering the meaning of numerous dream symbols that Jung had mentioned without explaining their meaning.

Today you have a safe method of psychotherapy, mind empowerment, and spiritual evolution because you can easily understand the complex dream language thanks to my simplifications, and first of all, thanks to Carl Jung’s discoveries. My research and my discoveries complete Carl Jung’s work, proving to the world that everyone must learn his method of dream interpretation instead of wasting time with false methods.

The divine unconscious mind that produces your dreams will show you all the dangers you will have to face in the future, so that you may avoid falling into dangerous traps. You will be protected by precious knowledge, but you will have to be a hero in numerous occasions. You won’t be a cowardly and hypocritical actor. Your presence and your work must help the world find wisdom and peace.

This means that you won’t be superficial and indifferent. You will defend God’s justice, which is based on forgiveness and compassion. God’s justice also condemns what is bad.

Human beings should be afraid of God’s punishments, but most people don’t believe in God’s existence. Even when they do, they tend to believe that God forgives everything because He understands our imperfections.

God is a true angel, and this is why He cannot accept our evilness. Everyone is punished through many ways in our dangerous planet, which was specially created with the intention to work like a psychotherapeutical hospital for our insanity. We are in fact demons who received a tiny human conscience from God. This is why we are punished through numerous ways in our hostile planet, where numerous natural catastrophes, diseases, insects, and dangerous wild animals threaten our survival.

The fact that we should be afraid of God is another reason why having fears is positive. When you are a conscious human being and you understand that you must pay attention to your behavior, you understand that you cannot act like a child, you cannot be violent and unfair, and you cannot be inconsequential and indifferent to the human pain.
A sensible and sensitive person always is afraid to hurt other people’s feelings. A sensible and sensitive person is afraid of numerous other dangers and their consequences.

If you are a wise human being, you are afraid of what is bad and this is why you always are very careful.

Violent people are not afraid of anyone. They are aggressive and rude. Peaceful people always are afraid of violent people because they know that those who are violent don’t respect anyone.

We feel safe when we are with people who are afraid of numerous dangers, and therefore, respect numerous laws. We are afraid of those who disrespect everyone and everything.

Those who disrespect others and don’t care about the general well-being are not afraid of anything because they are controlled by their absurd and evil anti-conscience, which is their primitive conscience. Those who respect God’s justice are afraid of God’s punishments because they have a strong human conscience and they don’t want to be evil. They want to be with God and have His protection.

Therefore, the meaning of fear is not always negative. As a matter of fact, fear is negative only when it is generated by your anti-conscience.

When your fears are the result of your comprehension of all the dangers that are threatening your peace of mind, these fears are protecting your mental health and your safety. When your fears are the result of your comprehension of the behavioral mistakes you are making while you shouldn’t behave this way, these fears are alarming your conscience. They are showing you that you have to stop making mistakes and remember God’s guidance.

All phobias are the consequences of behavioral mistakes. A phobia is a punishment and a protection.

You become very afraid of something whenever you make serious mistakes because these mistakes are gradually making you lose your mind. You have to understand that what you are doing is very dangerous for your mental stability.

You can understand the meaning of every phobia by learning the symbolic dream language because all phobias are clearly explained when we understand the symbolic meaning of what someone is afraid of. For example, those who have an irrational fear of spiders are very afraid of the future consequences of their negligence because they are making costly mistakes that will have tragic consequences.

The spider in dreams represents the necessity to act fast in order to correct a big mistake before it is too late. If you suffer from arachnophobia – what means that you have an abnormal fear of spiders, this means that you are afraid of what may happen to you in the future. You have to urgently stop making mistakes.

You will be helped through dream translation because the unconscious mind gives you clear guidance. You will understand your mistakes, and you will also understand how to correct every mistake and become a wise and sensitive human being.

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