The Best Way to Quit Smoking – Substitute Hot Peppers For Cigarettes


Are you having problems trying to quit smoking? Have you been able to stop cold turkey only to start up the habit again within weeks? You have tried patches and they proved to be no help. Maybe your mouth is sore from chewing the gum. Even far out things like hypnotherapy have not done the trick. Well I have got the solution for you:

Replace Cigarettes with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Here are some benefits to this method:

A New Source of Endorphins

Remember how you have felt after a great workout or the feel emotions after a hot session of lovemaking. That’s your body’s reaction to the release of endorphins. Smoking is so addicting because those same endorphins are released when the brain responds to nicotine found in cigarettes. Those same feelings of pleasure and euphoria can be created by eating hot peppers or a hot spicy dish. Capsicum, which is the active chemical in hot peppers, is responsible for starting that same endorphin rush.

Money Savings

Hot peppers come in all shapes and forms, from the habanero to the Thai chili or America’s favorite the jalapeno pepper. They can be easily found all over the world for fairly cheap.

For arguments sake:

  • Let’s say the average cost of a pack of cigarettes is five dollars.
  • We will also say that big bottle of hot sauce or a bagful of hot peppers could be purchased for that same amount.
  • We’ll also make an aggressive assumption an average person would take one week to finish a bottle of hot sauce.
  • And we will make a modest assumption that someone smokes half a pack a day. That’s a spending of $260/year (=$5 x 52) on hot sauce. That’s a spending $912.50/ year (=$2.50 x 365 days) on cigarettes. So by substituting cigarettes with hot peppers you would save: $652.5/year = ($912.50 – $260)

Just imagine the mountains of money you would save if you smoke more than half a pack a day.

Better Tasting Food

Think about taking a cigarette and putting it in some bland food. Does it taste better? Now imagine adding some chopped hot peppers to that same food. Now how does it taste? Overcoming addiction to cigarette smoking is easy. When that urge to have a cigarette comes up, just bite a pepper!

One dish I recommend is Somtum an extremely spicy and great tasting green papaya thai salad called Somtum.

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