The ABC’s of Pilates: Getting to Know the Basics


Pilates is all about balance, stabilization and strengthening the core, and when individuals pay attention to the basic principles that ensure these three characteristics are present in every action, they are ultimately making the most of their Pilates classes. In most cases, Pilates instructors will focus on the following when they teach the basic principles of this exercise form; breathing techniques, the pelvic area, the scapular area, the rub cage and head and the cervical area. When these 5 facets work in conjunction with each other, the exercises are usually more effective and the results more noticeable.

Learning about the “Neutral Position”

During the practice sessions, Pilates instructors will focus just as much on the “neutral position” as the exercises themselves, and this is because it assists the body in aligning itself property. By allowing the body the chance to learn how to rest property, Pilates classes are able to relieve back pains and assist individuals in improving their posture.

Improving Your Focus

When you are paying attention to the basic principles while practicing the various exercises that are necessary to perform Pilates, you are actually focusing a lot harder on perfecting everything from your alignment to your breathing. Pilates classes are as much about the mind as they are about the body, and improving your focus is one of the many benefits of attending these courses.

Getting More For Your Money

In the event that you would like to ensure you make the most of your Pilates classes, you need to ensure that you focus on precision and getting each movement correct. In order to learn how to complete each movement correctly, however, it is important to ensure that you have the basics under your belt, and this means practicing as often as possible. Just like yoga, the basic principles are necessary no matter what type of movement you are completing, and this is because they are inherent to the foundations of the exercise; if you are going to benefit from this form of exercise, you need to make sure that the basic principles are included in every Pilates class that you take.

The next time you find yourself looking to improve your skills in this area, you should start by practicing the basics. If you are uncertain about how much you are going to benefit from this, simply ask any professional about how advantageous it is to every aspect of your abilities on a reformer or any other type of Pilates equipment. Remember, it might take you some time to fully grasp the basics, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort to practicing this art, you can rest assured that you will benefit from it in the long run.

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