Suwit Muay Thai boxing at Phuket Island improves health

SuWit Muay Thai Boxing in Thailand for Weekend

It would certainly be accurate to say that most sports if engaged in on a regular basis could keep an individual in good physical shape. This is also true as far as Thai boxing is concerned since this is a high intensity training routine which is known to burn a substantial amount of calories in a single session. This ensures a perfect body shape for men and women, improved health, weight loss and improved overall bodily condition. An added benefit is the fact that many Thai boxing training camps in Thailand is located on a beach or on one of the surrounding islands. People are therefore getting a lot of fresh air, they are spending more time outdoors in a beautiful environment and for many people this provides all of the motivation they need.  When that exercise is a secondary objective to learning self defense then the mind and body can be tricked to go further and to break through preconceived barriers.  

A better you 

With regular Muay Thai training at Suwit Muay Thai camp at Phuket city you will not only be healthier, over time you will also become stronger and faster. When looking at some Muay Thai boxing fighters many people can become confused because these fighters often have a lean physique something which some people may associate with weakness. Nothing can be further from the truth and in reality all fat melt away because of the high intensity work out to which these Muay Thai fighters are exposed on a daily basis. Those lean bodies are all muscle and stamina and the can explode in to violent action in the blink of an eye. The strongest part of the body as far as Muay Thai fighters are concerned is certainly the legs. This is because of the many kicks and repeated footwork drills which are essential in order to progress with Muay Thai. Naturally the supporting muscle groups in the lower body are just as critical. 

Cardio vascular benefits 

It is well known that Muay Thai places a lot of stress particularly on the cardiopulmonary systems. The high intensity training routine results in a strong cardiovascular system which enables well trained fighters to easily go up to 5 rounds without straining themselves. Frequent exercise under the supervision of an experienced Muay Thai boxing couch result in a high level of fitness and this makes it possible for fighters to endure the rigors associated with Muay Thai. Thailand has beautiful cities as well as beaches and islands which provide the perfect venue for some serious Muay Thai training. Phuket Island have many Muay Thai camps and is a good Muay Thai camp. Those who are more interested in the weight loss and fitness benefits should know that there are many Muay Thai training camps that will be happy to accommodate them. Muay Thai boxing training is a genuine dual purpose system which continues to produce outstanding champions but it also continues to improve fitness levels and help people with their weight loss struggles. Naturally Muay Thai boxing in its country of origin is a unique experience which is why a Muay Thai weekend or holiday makes perfect sense.