Self Hypnosis – The 4 Main Elements and How to Achieve Trance


Self Hypnosis

Have you ever envisaged a vision, in which you are able to dominate and control your senses? If yes, then you must be well-acquainted with the fact that the process of self-hypnosis is something, which could be of great help to you if you are trying to raise your level of motivation in life, quit your socially undesirable habits, possess a completely controlled body, mind and will-power, etc. Therefore, to make themselves capable and concentrated towards achieving those unfulfilled dreams and goals, people tend to seek results from mechanisms such as- self hypnotism. The basic logic behind its working is that self-hypnosis enables you to know and control yourself better than usual.

Why Self-Hypnosis?

There are many reasons as to why hypnosis is considered beneficial in various aspects of our life. Some of these reasons or objectives are elicited below:-

  • To develop an understanding of your responses and conduct towards the world, as an individual
  • To develop an understanding of how you feel, perceive and react by understanding the way you make use of your body
  • Self- hypnotism helps in creating a bridge which leads to the spirit, which is a major element for exalting your life
  • To create a cooperative communication between your noetic (rational) self and bodily self
  • Most important of all, self-hypnosis helps in control your own mind and body, which, ultimately leads to a life which is satisfying in all aspects

Ways To Achieve “TRANCE”

The most common image that a person can imagine relating to ways of self-hypnosis is that of the usage of tapes or mp3, or any other similar medium. But speaking in terms of realism, these kinds of medium are too extrapolated to be applicable to every person. Self- hypnosis, in its most truthful gist, is configured by the person himself/herself. Every single person has got some desires. Therefore, it would be best to plan out a design for self- hypnosis on the basis of what the person’s desire is related to.

Main Elements in Self-Hypnosis Process

Some of the most significant elements in the entire process of self- hypnosis are as under:-

  • A Stable BodyFor the inner attributes to get activated by hypnotism, you first require to bring your body in a state of equanimity irrespective of all the probable frustrations in your life. One of the best ways to do so is to breathe deeply, till the point where your body muscles feel a sense of unique repose.
  • Opening Up Of All Visualizations Here, the person is supposed to visualize any relaxing situation, which has been designed by him according to his own interest and desire (as discussed earlier). This is a very crucial stage because, here, while the person is engaged in imagining the situation, at the same time he/she is ready to accept the hypnotic suggestions, which would be acted upon by the person in future.
  • Suggestions – While the state of visualization is in process, the appropriate and required suggestions are injected in the person and it is done so by speaking aloud the suggestions that he wishes to follow in future.
  • Termination – Subsequent to the suggestion session, the person may return back to his normal state. Now, he will certainly experience a more relaxed body and a calm mind after the session. The person may return back to the normal state by reverse counting or similar techniques, which requires the person’s brain to function actively.

These were some of the conceptions and realisms related to the reposeful act of self- hypnosis.

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