The popularity of massage therapy is growing along with the trend to natural products and services. Many people are seeking natural ways to maintain their health and vitality. Massage therapy continues to grow as people are finding natural ways of coping with relieving stress and tension in the body. Many massage techniques are readily available from a massage therapist and even in massage chairs.

One important form of massage therapy is called reflexology. Reflexology is also known as zone therapy, it would come under the heading of alternative treatments. It has been practiced in various forms from the earliest records of man.

Restoring the health of the body and maintaining its vitality has been pursued throughout time. Many massage therapies were developed by ancient medical practitioners. This has been common throughout many different cultures around the world.

Reflexology is the practice of massage and, squeezing and pushing parts of the body to provide relief and stimulate other related organs. Reflexology rests on the theory that by manipulating certain points in the hands and feet it will provide relief to other organs in the body.

Reflexology is considered an alternative medical treatment. It is not known to have any side effects. It is used primarily for relaxing tension in the body. It stimulates and relax is the area where the pressure is applied. It also is believed to induce relaxation to other corresponding body parts.

Reflexology has been incorporated into many massage chairs. It generally targets the feet. The feet have a number of points which are believed to be related to other major organs in the body. When a given point is stimulated, it helps to induce relaxation to its corresponding member.

Massage chairs come with reflexology nodules built into the foot wells of the leg rest. Some of these have plates which are removable. For example, the Panasonic EP 30004 comes with removable plates. If a reflexology massage is not desired, then plates can be removed.

The Montage Elite massage chair from Omega comes with their foot flex technology. This uses reflexology nodes mounted onto the foot airbags. The reflexology nodes are activated and gently push up into the feet. They are targeted to give him spots in the feet to induce whole body relaxation.

The DR 7700 massage recliner from Sanyo comes with reflexology nodes in the leg rest. These provide gentle stimulation of the acupoints on the bottom of the feet. Sanyo has also incorporated a heater just in the foot well to warm and to the feet as well.

As the reflexology massage is given to your feet, the rest of the chair is massaging your whole body. Massage chairs provide full body capability and run off automatic programs. You are also able to target specific areas for relief. This gives you a range of capabilities at the touch of a button. This provides tremendous convenience at your fingertips.

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