Quit Smoking – What Is The Brick Wall You Keep Running Into?


Some things in life seem easy to achieve and some seem difficult, and some even feel impossible. If you are struggling to quit smoking, or if you can quit for a while but keep coming back to it then you need to firstly identify your brick wall and then learn how to demolish it, so that you can be a non- smoker.

The first question to ask your self is what does your brick wall look like, or how does it feel. Some examples are stress, anxiety, lack of confidence or self-belief. You may be bored, worried, or even happy.

One client told me he couldn’t remember a special time in his life that didn’t include a cigarette, so his wall was the bond of friendship he had formed with cigarettes. One level he felt that quitting was like a kind of loss with grieving, even though on a logical level he knew that was silly.

A point here to remember is that your wall doesn’t have to be logical. Our worries rarely are. But, they still exist.

Brick walls can be real, or imagined, but like a wall there is a way around it, a doorway through it or a wrecking ball to knock it down.

How you handle the wall is in part how your personality works. Some people can gradually cut down on their smoking, and for some the only way is to quit!00% in one session.

But even if you are an all or nothing person you can start to chip away at your wall. E.g. you believe that you need a smoke to relax. Ask yourself if that is true all the time. Most likely you can identify times and places where you relax without smoking.

Then you keep finding more and more of these times and places. You can then acknowledge that sometimes you need a cigarette to relax and sometimes you don’t. This is like taking a few bricks from your wall.

When you come in for your quit smoking hypnosis session we keep pulling bricks out with a variety of strategies until the wall comes down, and then you can see past the wall, into a new life where you live a healthy life as non-smoker.

No matter what your wall is made of, it can be pulled down, because you built it in the first place over time, and you can destroy it.

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