Put a Spring in Your Step With Fitness Training This Easter/April


Step away from the Easter eggs this April and kick start your new fitness programme with a personal trainer.

If you’re sick of being stuck in a cycle of one-week diets, false promises and temporary gym memberships, a professional instructor can provide you with the support and motivation you need to turn your Easter around. With a professional instructor behind you to remind you of your goals and achievements, you will feel even more motivated than ever to get in shape for the summer. A personal trainer can not only boost your confidence in your own fitness ability, but work out a realistic program that suits you and your lifestyle.

A professional personal trainer should be fully trained, registered and qualified to maximise your own safety. It is important that you find a personal trainer you are comfortable with and willing to let them take control of your fitness. A personal trainer should not only cover your fitness routine, but help you to put together a nutrition plan and advise you on what you should be eating. Not only should you be improving your fitness, but improving your nutrition will set you up for a happier and healthier lifestyle, decreasing your chances of becoming obese and suffering from a multitude of health problems that follow.

Many people going it alone struggle because they don’t know which exercises that they should be doing or how to put together an exercise routine that will benefit them most. With professional help you can put together a routine that will be targeting the areas of your body that you want to work on the most; you can also use elements of the routine to carry on exercising at home.

A personal trainer can work at a pay and go rate, pay monthly or set fee, using a trainer from a larger gym will mean that the gym has various different prices and packages to suit your budget and it also means that when you have improved your fitness you can start to use the gym itself in between training sessions- maintaining your fitness levels alone. The main service that will help you the most in achieving your goal is motivation. A personal trainer will understand the struggles or aches that come with trying to improve your fitness and will provide you with a ‘motivational service’ that will keep you going all the way to achieving your goals.

According to Bliss Tree, the most common excuses for not exercising include being too busy, feeling ill, the weather, stress and not wanting to exercise alone. A personal trainer will be a great confidence boost as you will no longer feel like you are working out alone with one-on-one training. You training session will be all about you, so the routine will be completely tailored to your goal and ability- a larger class can often mean that you aren’t targeting the areas of your body that you want to work on, a personal trainer will make sure that you get the most out of your session.

Once you have the exercise bug you won’t feel the need to make those excuses anymore, you will feel healthier and fitter.

Forget about your broken New Year’s resolutions and give yourself a second chance with a personal trainer, not only will it be a worthwhile investment, but you know that this time you will be going all the way and sticking with your new routine and losing the weight that you have struggled to lose in the past.

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