Pilates and Physiotherapy – The Combination Is Essential


Physiotherapists are the true experts when it comes to teaching pure Pilates.

Physiotherapists have knowledge in anatomy, physiology and pain and posture management. If you have not been taught be a Physiotherapist then your use of your muscles may not be correct.

People all over the world are joining and attending Pilates’ classes run by gym teachers, personal trainers. They are even following people off the net who have no qualifications to prove. This is a waste of time and money and it also affects the reputation of Pilates and it value.

A Physiotherapist is really the only professional that is truly qualified to teach you pure Pilates. Learning how to engage, test and train your core muscle is essential for every living person. Core stability is that important.

The core muscle is responsible for supporting the lower lumbar spinal joints while the body moves to perform a function in our daily lives. If the deep abdominal core is not fully engaged then the spinal joints will be unstable resulting in a micro movement that will eventually result in an injury to the joints, muscles or discs of the lower spine.

How to Prevent Lower Back Pain

The simplest and cheapest way to prevent lower back pain is to use core stability as a way of living. To learn pure Pilates from a Physiotherapist is the best way. You can either attend classes or buy a pure Pilates DVD produced by a Physiotherapist.

The importance of learning about the anatomy and the mechanics of the deep Transverse Abdominal Muscle is essential to succeed in the long term. This knowledge is only available via a Physiotherapist. The average gym teacher or personal trainer will have knowledge in exercises but not in HOW TO imitate and test and train function of the core muscles. If a person has spent many $100 on classes and still has poor knowledge in the use of their core muscles then the money has been wasted.

Many people in my experience have done this, thinking they are doing the right thing and that is attending Pilates’ classes. Many people have OK results while attending but once they run out of money or enthusiasm they quit. The use of their core has not been established by teaching pure Pilates so many people end up returning to the same unfit state they started. A waste of time and money and certainly an angry person.

To stop this I certainly recommend learning pure Pilates and the use of core stability only by following a DVD or a class lead by a Physiotherapist, The teaching is based on professional knowledge and a Degree in Physiotherapy.

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