Nutritional Deficiencies – Symptoms and Treatments Should You Be Worried?

Nutritional deficiencies are severe and need to be dealt with as soon as possible, or we have to pay a substantial amount for both our health and pockets. These nutritional deficiencies can be proven to be very risky, no matter what age group you belong to. Nutritionists and doctors always stress an excellent nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle. Nutritional deficiencies can also affect one’s mental health. People suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, ADHD (attention deficit disorder) have behavioral problems and do not lead a healthy life. Such people must take a proper ADD test according to their age group and seek appropriate treatment. Many adults’ ADD test ratio has been found to have many nutritional deficiencies causing the condition to worsen. In contrast, the ADHD diet also plays a vital role in medicines for the patient to recover.

Some essential deficiencies found in adult ADD test were lack of essential vitamins and nutrients such as zinc, iron, and magnesium. Other than this, there should be an eye on balanced meals where protein and omega-three fatty acids should be on a large portion of your plate. Some of the primary nutrition deficiencies are

VITAMIN A: we all know what importance does vitamin A holds and how much important it is for our body and vision. Getting the right amount of vitamin A in our diet can help us fight many unwanted diseases and conditions. Vitamin A is also essential for our other body parts, such as our heart, liver, and other crucial working body parts.

If we lack this essential vitamin in our diet, we can face problems like weak growth and poor quality of vision, such as blurry or even no idea. Foods that are a rich vitamin A source are a liver, spinach, carrots, and fruits such as apricots.

Vitamin D and C: from a very young age, we all are stressed upon how these two essential vitamins are essential for our skin, bone health, and growth. Neglecting these two vitamins can surely make us pay a substantial amount. If we don’t include these two vitamins in our diet, we will face diseases like rickets and scurvy. We can face bone deficiency, bowed legs and weakened bones, internal bleeding, and abnormal formation of bones and teeth.

We can overcome these deficiencies with citrus fruits and vegetables such as lemon and tomatoes, and we can have vitamin D from sun exposure, fortified milk, and fish oils.

IRON: iron deficiency in our body can lead to anemia, Thalassemia. There are more types of anemia diseases. Iron deficiency can be found in children mostly, and there different stages of it. Ron deficiency can also lead to emotional changes such as fatigue, mood swings, depression, and poor memory.

People with such deficiency crave for uncertain types of substances such as chalks, clay, and dirt.

We can quickly iron deficiency with a blood test. In its treatment, we can easily take iron supplements and also increase our intake of iron fulfilling foods such as spinach, bottle gourd, and egg-plant into our daily diets.

Magnesium: Magnesium is one of the common deficiencies which is being found in most persons these days. Mainly the reason behind this is that we mostly neglect the importance of this vitamin in our daily life. Add ng these vitamins in our diet can quickly solve many of our problems and help us fight many diseases and conditions as muscles cramping twitching and brittleness in our nails can make our nails look pale and break easily.

Adding all these essential nutrients in our diet can help us fight all the unwanted diseases and conditions that will cost our health and even our life at the bottom line. We have to stress over these essential vitamins and nutrients from our young age not to face such problems after we reach our mid-age or old age.