Meditation: Yoga As Anything or Everything


Meditation is one of the key mediums of knowing oneself. The main objective of meditation is to familarize yogis with the real mind and world-ultimately attaining the state of enlightemment and true happiness. In hindu and buddhist religious practices, meditation is considered a powerful tool of interospection. Its helps yogis to analyse themselves. This awreness of their own self helps them to replace the negative thoughts of their mind with positive thinking and optimistic views about the life and the people around them. Apart from personal interospection, there are many other beenfits of practivcing meditation such as improvement in physical health, reduction in mental and physical stress and improvement in individual’s perfprmance in every aspect of his/her life.

Yoga Classes In India

For those pratitioners who does not support the techniques of using a religious verse, there are a number of meditation techniques such as heart rhythm meditation, chakra meditation, third eye meditation, trataka or gazing meditation, krita yoga, kundalini meditation, pranayama and nada yoga or sound meditation.

Yoga Classes For Beginners

For beginers, it is always helpful to write down your experiences after meditation sessions as it will help them to analyse the changes they have in their personality and mental state after practicing meditation techniques on regularly. Also, like all other healing and medication techniques meditation will also take some time to improve your mental and spiritual state. So it is always advised to practice meditation techniques for a brief period of time.

From ignorance, lead me to truth;

From darkness, lead me to light;

From death, lead me to immortality

Om peace, peace, peace

But is it possible to have positive and optimistic approach for the whole life. Yes it is. However, acquiring a positive approach of living life will require a person to change his way of evaluating himself and others. One of the biggest mistakes people do while evaluating themselves is to compare their strengths and weaknesses with others. Remember, every person in this world is born with different capabilities and traits. Just being unable to do a particular thing does not mean that a person cannot have a successful and prosperous life.

Focus on your needs instead on your desires. A number of people have the attitude of acquiring everything in his life or to gain higher recognition and fame than others. Although this approach cannot be considered wrong as a person must do his best to live a dignified life, but focusing only on materialism would leave an empty space in your life which will always remind you that there is something missing in your life.

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