Meditation Strategies As Taught by Charles F. Haanel


I first heard of Charles F. Haanel years ago, when I read the book The Secret. Haanel was one of the original teachers and his writings helped inspire the message in The Secret. His seminal work, The Master Key System, has been helping people improve their mental muscle for almost one hundred years. The Master Key System was originally written as a self improvement course which could be done at home. Each week another chapter would arrive and help guide the reader on the path towards enlightenment.

Haanel’s work in the Mater Key System focuses heavily on the power of meditation to improve one’s life. Each chapter in The Master Key System contains a meditation exercise, and this exercise is to be done for one week while reading the latest chapter. In this way the mind is gradually built up until it can handle more and more exertion. Among the different techniques used in these meditation exercises, Charles F. Haanel gives the reader a number of mantras to focus on. A mantra is merely a word or phrase which is repeated during the meditation process. Among the mantras Haanel offers in his book, one of the best know is, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” As Haanel himself points out, this mantra “can’t be improved upon.”

It is now commonly thought, by neuro-scientests, that repeating a mantra helps the practitioner coax his or her mind into a self-induced state of hypnosis. Charles F. Haanel takes the function of a mantra one step further, by making the overall message of the mantra of paramount importance. Charles F. Haanel’s mantra not only helps the practitioner fall into a deeper state of meditation, it invokes the law of attraction to help bring prosperity and harmony into the practitioner’s life.

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