Marketing a Fitness Boot Camp – Creative Smart Ideas


Fitness Boot camp is becoming very popular now with people having no time to go to gym regularly or exercise. The main attraction of a fitness boot camp is no lock in contracts or setting aside time every week, its just random. That’s the beauty you can do it whenever you feel like. Just a few hours and ‘still get great results without much commitment’. Focus on this and marketing a fitness boot camp will become a lot simpler.

Ask anybody and they will all agree that personal trainers can make you do more than you would do along in a gym or a treadmill at home. They can keep your motivation going for the full session and inspire you to give your best and break records. This happens only in personal training.

A good boot camp is one which is effective with great programs. Also choose your location and programs that are effective. So whatever few hours people spend in doing those activities should give them great results.

If you have access to a gymnasium or local leisure centre, they are the best places to advertise boot camps. For a change its an alternative workout. That is when they will want to try boot camps instead. To make it more convincing, offer money back guarantee, so people trust you more. Customer is everything in your business, stay in touch with them old and new. You could do mailouts to remind them of boot camps in their busy life. If you can spend money, nothing to beat a advertisement in a newspaper. Get a popular personality to join your camp.

If you are in a city or town with big organizations, contact them. As the number will be big, you can give them corporate memberships and discounts. In a hectic world of career and family, boot camps are easy fixes to feel good. You can also offer gift certificates and $5 trial sessions to attract some new people.

You can meet people to explain that its teamwork, but finally you get individual results because of healthy competition. Happy customers will tell their friends and family. If you already have some customers, use them. Tempt them with discounts for their next boot camp.

Always remember that your marketing message should standout from other advertisements. You must try to talk to people and reach out to them at their own personal basis. The local paper is a very cost effective medium for business. So are the community messages at libraries and schools. Make sure your advertisement has all main information like the price, time, place and boot camp activities.

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