Malibu Pilates Machine As Seen on TV


When I first saw the Malibu Pilates machine on TV I knew I had to have it. It was unlike any machine I had seen before. I already had a more traditional pilates machine but this was completely different. This was a pilates chair that combined both strength training and cardio. That means I would have one machine that would take care of everything I needed. And, since it was small and folded up easily, I could use it just about anywhere.

The day it arrived I was so excited. It was pretty simple to put together. I put in the DVD for beginners that it came with (which is called the 20 minute Malibu Pilates makeover) and was ready to go. The DVD starts with the basic fundamentals on how to use your chair. After a brief over view you are ready to go. I have to say this was the hardest workout I’ve ever done. The DVD was done very well with easy to follow instructions and an easier version of the exercise was performed by someone in the back row on the video. The exercises seemed to work every muscle in my body. The back of the video says it will help you get fit from head to toe, and it’s not kidding. When I was finished my muscles were shaky, the next day I could hardly move. It was awesome.

It took me two weeks to feel confident enough to move up to the more advanced video it came with. The second video (Total dream body sculpting workout) is 45 minutes long. I enjoyed the second video even more than the first. It’s more challenging and the exercises are very different than anything I’ve ever done before. I could feel it working muscles I don’t think I’ve ever worked before. I really had fun doing this video and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when I finished it.

This exercise machine definitely lives up to its promises. After one week I felt a big difference in my muscles, especially my legs and butt. The machine also comes with an eating guide, which I have to admit I didn’t even look at. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were more videos I could buy. After a few months I was a little tired of doing the videos over and over again. Then I realized that I didn’t really need a new video. I could watch my favorite TV shows and do the exercises that I remembered. This turned out to be something I really enjoyed doing. I could get in a good workout and watch House Hunters on HGTV. Perfect.

If you’re looking for a machine that is great for cardio and strength training and doesn’t take up much room then this is your machine. If you’re looking for some totally different exercises then what you are used to want a challenge then this is the machine for you. Malibu Pilates really does provide a head to toe work out and is worth every penny.

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