Longevity Rehab 1000 – For Many Types of Pain Relief


Changing the keg? Pulling the kettlebell? Just getting older? Longevity Rehab 1000 is the first product in a soon to be released boutique items of goods focused on health and wellness. Athletes the world over have sought out the expertise of Scott and visited his product in Summerlin, NV. Meeting Jim Song several years ago an alliance was formed as two men in their respective industries now having the opportunity to work together in creating this product. Conditions ranging from back pain to arthritis patients have seen significant gains in their mobility and daily living.

The author personally has used the product after pulling his lower back after a strong kettlebell workout. Manipulating the cream into the affected area using the included tool with the purchase of the cream working it into his back. Known at in his offices as the Pensivy Mathod this tool has been created to replicate an Orthopedists “tool box” if you will thus allowing the general public and anyone using this product to reap the benefit of the many conditions listed on the packaging and the as yet to be re launched website. Things are pretty exciting in Las Vegas in 2011.

This is merely not just another product that claims to help with pain management it attacks the situation full on. There is a clamor of excitement and anticipation as the product gets ready to begin distribution nation wide in a few short weeks. More information will be published in the next several weeks. Along with contact info as millions looking for relief in some sort of physical ailment.

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