Inner Thigh Exercises For a Sexy, Slim, and Stronger Thigh


Inner thighs are popularly used by women. Most women have high expectations that one day their thighs will become fit and slim according to their taste. Women believe that with inner thigh exercises they can reduce unwanted fats and gain toned legs. Another name for inner thigh exercise is hip abductors. It is usually incorporated in other exercise programs as well.

There are variations of inner thigh exercises that can be performed conveniently. Here are some inner thigh exercises.

o Seated Split Stretch. Spread your legs far on the floor and try to reach either your ankles or your toes. Do this alternately while holding each leg for about 30 seconds. Do repetitions if you want.

o Seated Butterfly. Bring your feet soles as close to your body with your hands resting on your feet, and hold for about 30seconds, repeat if you like.

o Lying Leg Pull. Lie with your back on the floor with feet flat on the floor. Bring your right sole to your left thigh and bring it closer to your chest using your hands. Hold for about 30 seconds before doing the same to your left leg. Do the necessary repetitions.

With these exercise you are building more muscles thus, increasing the metabolism rate that helps burn down more fats.

Don’t be disappointed when you can’t get the results immediately or if you don’t like the results. Remember not to overdo yourself in doing this exercise. With regular training and a balanced diet, your problem area will be resolved and your thighs will become shapely and toned.

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