If You Want to Learn How to Design Nested Loops and Hypnotic Stories Using Hypnosis Technique


This article on the use of nested loops and hypnotic stories as hypnosis technique deals with the five types of stories. First is a very short example. This will be a true life story which must be kept short and conversational.

The second story is an anecdote. An anecdote is a true life story that involves use of sensory rich descriptions to set an entire scene, who was there, where were they, how did things happen, what were the causes and effects within the story.

The third story is called a direct story This is a story that will never present itself in a way that can be interpreted any other way than it is a story.

The fourth story will be a fairy tale. Fairy tales are stories where almost everyone can relate to at some level because most people grew up listening to them.&

The fifth story to use in this hypnosis technique is another type of direct story which is a hybrid of the genuine and the made up story This can be a direct story in the sense that it is a true event but it can also have fictional counterparts added to it.

Part Two- What to do with the five stories

The five stories are merely examples, you can use stories that fit the event, problem or occasion your client is dealing with. You will begin with story one tell it partially, then move to story two, and then story three. Story four, the fairy tale, you will tell completely.

After telling story four move back into a piece of story three then into the beginning of story five. After that you will start to tell the endings to your stories in the reverse order; first story five, then story three (because story four is already a complete entity), then story two and finally story one.

This specific nested loop was created with the third story as the focal point the first and the second stories were added in the beginning to make the introduction to the third story more flowing. You can also add other Conversational Hypnosis aspects to these stories as you create them to enhance your hypnosis technique.

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