Hypnosis Audios – How to Make Them Work For You


You’re ready. You’ve set aside time to put that hypnosis CD in, kick back in your comfortable chair and allow the hypnotic experience to finally change your bad habits. But you wonder if audio hypnosis is really going to work for you.

Now that hypnosis audio CDs and MP3s are common, you might ask: Does recorded hypnosis work as well as doing live hypnotherapy? The answer may depend on who is listening.

Hypnosis CDs Can Help Your Live Hypnotherapy Sessions

In my private hypnotherapy practice I record the live sessions onto CD and ask my clients to do the homework of listening to them several times between our sessions. Those who do are twice as likely to have success with their hypnosis goals!

Here are two good examples of how listening to recorded hypnosis audios can work… or not. Two of my clients, Bill and Karen, saw me for weight loss hypnosis sessions. I told Bill he needed to listen to our audio recording session on CD (about 15 minutes) once each day until we met for our next session. Karen was told to do the same thing.

When I saw them a week later, Bill had listened to the recording as instructed. Karen hadn’t listened because she said, “I just couldn’t find the time.” Can you guess which of these two people reached their weight loss goal? Bill already was dropping his excess bodyweight like crazy, while Karen lost very little unhealthy bodyfat.

Bill’s positive effort not only reinforced the hypnotic suggestions through repetition, he proactively demonstrated his commitment to the hypnotic process. It made such a strong impact on his subconscious, his success was not surprising.

Karen — who made excuses for why she couldn’t find 15 minutes per day to listen to the CD — only revealed her unconscious resistance. She wasn’t deeply committed enough to her goal. So she couldn’t benefit fully from the audio reinforcement of the hypnotic suggestions I gave her during our live session.

Can Hypnosis CDs Be Used as Self Hypnosis therapy?

Short answer: of course. Many people use hypnosis scripts, record them and listen to them with great results.

Here’s the thing: you need to be committed to the hypnosis audios on a repeated and regular basis. That’s very important. Studies done conclude that daily 15-minute self hypnosis audio listening needs to be followed for consecutive days for 21 to 30 days. Another study says you should follow them daily for two weeks and then three days each week for two days. A third study (which followed weight loss and quit smoking hypnosis audio self-therapists) found that those two areas require these approaches:

* the right mindset at the start (you’re doing it for your health and appearance, and not for others)

* a serious commitment to change

* the discipline to make this a daily thing (pick the regular time of day you prefer)

* NOTE: see a professional hypnotherapist if the scripts you’re using aren’t working (S/he can tailor the language and approach to you: some people need treatments like future pacing or aversion therapy with positive counterpointing or another therapy. Then you can listen to those audios for the length of time you’re professional recommends.).

A hypnosis therapist (in person or by phone) can help motivate and encourage you throughout the process. But you must have a clear sense of determination and positive expectation as you listen to the audios. You must decide to set aside a block of time each day where nothing will be allowed to disturb your contract with your subconscious. It’s pleasant and relaxing too.

The reason so many people fail to get results from hypnosis audios is they listen once or twice with very little conscious or emotional investment. While it is true that hypnosis makes goal achievement easier, it’s still not a magic take-it-once-and-forget-it pill. Most hypnosis audios must be listened to many times before results materialize. Example: a 10-20 minute daily listening commitment is ideal for most people until their goal is reached.

Sometimes using hypnosis audio downloads or CDs could take as little as seven days to deliver results. (Some goals require discipline and patience because it’ll take longer.) But when the good results do begin to show up, that number may be reduced to listening only once per week.

With the right attitude and commitment hypnosis audios can absolutely be as effective as live hypnotherapy. The question to ask yourself before you purchase or use any hypnosis audio is, “Am I really committed to change?” If the answer is yes, then you’ll find this to be one of the most affordable, easy and relatively quick ways to achieve a better life.

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