How To Self-Hypnotize To Make Every Single One Of Your Dreams Come True!

How To Self-Hypnotize To Make Every Single One Of Your Dreams Come True!

We all have dreams. We want to be millionaires. We want to be more attractive to the opposite sex. We want to be the guy everyone looks up to and respects in the office. But, how do we do all this? How do we change so that we can start to get where we want to be? What if I were to tell you there’s a fail-proof way to get started? I am talking about learning how to self-hypnotize to bring about changes in you.

You need 2 things to achieve successful self hypnosis — firstly, you must have a strong desire to change something about yourself. As mentioned this could be to become wealthier than you are today, become more attractive, gain more confidence and even charismatic.

Secondly, you must learn a self-hypnosis method — one that is safe yet effective. Here’s a straight-forward 3 step approach how to self-hypnotize —

1. Write down what you want to achieve

Make this a statement that, when you read it, you get really excited about it. Eg “I want to be so wealthy that I can spend my days on a sailing boat with my family, and not worry about anything because my wealth is growing by itself through my empire of successful companies”.

Now visualize this in your mind, just fantasize about various scenarios you will find yourself in because of the achievement of this change in your life.

2. Prepare yourself by slowly relaxing every part of your body

Sit somewhere comfortable. Now focus your mind on your feet and consciously relax them. Then move on to your legs, then your hips and gradually work your way up, all the while willing your body parts to relax.

Now start counting backwards slowly, from 10 to 1. Every time you count a number, mentally tell yourself you are getting more and more relaxed, and opening yourself up to positive suggestions.

3. Read your desire to yourself

Take what you wrote earlier and repeat this to yourself. While you do so, visualize the picture you painted. See it in your mind, hear the sounds associated with it, taste it, feel it, smell the smells that come with it. Let yourself enjoy the emotions that are now swelling up in your heart as you experience your “perfect” picture.

Once you have fully enjoyed this, allow the picture to fade, then count from 10 to 1 to full wakefulness, all the while telling yourself you feel invigorated and refreshed.

And there you have it — your simple 3 step guide how to self-hypnotize. With this simple method, you can easily make these changes in your life that will eventually lead to greater happiness and satisfaction for you and your loved ones.

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