Fibromyalgia Pain Treatments – Are There Any Fibromyalgia Pain Treatments That Are Safe?


Chronic body pain is what the patient has to endure day and night. Fibromyalgia pain treatments are applied to alleviate this pain; through the following:

1. Analgesics or painkillers – Acetaminophen (Tylenol), tramaldon, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs (aspirin) or naproxen sodium.
2. Antidepressant – Amitriptylene, to promote sleep; fluoxetine (prozac), duloxetine (cymbalta) – to lose pain and fatigue; and milacipren (savella). This drug relieves the users from depression and anxiety;
3. Anti-seizure drugs Gabapenin (neuroton); pregabolin (lyrica) This medicine is designed to treat epilepsy and reduce pain.

1. Physical therapy – This is the use of specific exercise to restore muscular balance and decrease pain;
2. Counseling – It makes use of the Cognitive Behavior Therapy to motivate the patient to believe in his ability to deal with his difficult situation.

Life style therapy:
Non- medical therapy is a part of fibromyalgia pain treatment which assists the patient to alter the way he manages his life:
1. Better sleep and dietary change – He must improve his sleeping and eating style;
2. Exercise and aerobics – He does physical activities daily to improve physical health;
3. Occupational changes – He adopts mild adjustment to his work or in it is not possible, he must seek for a new employment;

Alternative therapy:
1. Acupuncture – Needles are inserted to provide pain relief;
2. Chiropractic and massage therapy – Body, muscles, spine and joints are manipulated to reduce pain; and
3. Hypnotherapy or Hypnosis – Induce trance-like states to increase awareness, manage stress and relaxation.

Fibromyalgia pain treatment has only one objective, to relieve pain; it is done in this simple formula – find the symptom, apply the treatment.

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