Feminization Self Hypnosis – The Fast Connection To Your Feminine Side


Feminization Hypnosis has become one of the most popular avenues through which males who wish to become more feminine can attain their dreams.

While feminization is often perceived as a drastic step which involves either surgery or the consumption of supplements, feminization hypnosis is much milder yet can have astounding effects.

While hormonal, herbal or surgical feminization each has their own advantages, with feminization hypnosis you can go deeper than any surgical instrument and penetrate into areas of your psyche which no hormonal or other supplement can go.

What is hypnosis? I can best describe it as an altered state of mind. Yet that isn’t all together accurate, for with today’s advances in feminization hypnosis research you can actually make up for yourself a new, feminized, state of mind.

I believe that feminization hypnosis brings to life that old saying: “If you can think it, you can be it. ” With hypnosis you can attain impressive results such as acquiring a more feminine walk, speak with a more feminine voice, hold yourself in a more feminine posture and even, and I was amazed when I first heard this, induce certain feminine physical changes in yourself. What is more important is that you can actually learn to think, act, and feel like a woman and even make the rest of the world perceive you as one.

Feminization hypnosis can be done by a hypnotherpist or can be self administered using NLP aides, such as certain audio hypnosis recordings. You can undergo this process in the privacy of your own home. The results can be temporary or permanent as you may desire and you may even control the level of feminization that you will experience.

Self feminization hypnosis is not difficult to do, if you have the right audio aides. I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to feel more attuned to their female sides.

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