Fear of Words – What is Logophobia and How to Treat It


One of the fastest-growing phobias is that of the fear of words, otherwise known as logophobia. Perhaps also one of the most frequently encountered of all the phobias, as we use words every single day of our lives.

The fear of words can bring about many physical symptoms, such as breathlessness, excessive sweating, shaking, inability to think, feeling nauseated, panic attacks, paranoia and even a fear of death. Certainly symptoms that nobody deserves to experience.

Suggested Causes of the Fear of Words

From my experience working with people, because of this fear of words has often originated in childhood. Experiences at a young age where demands to learn and apply new words were at their highest. Although this may not be true for everyone, many have applied extreme emotions to these events, and subsequently increased the fear.

Imagine for a moment, going through many days and even many years, experiencing such an extreme fear of words themselves. An adult with logophobia understands very clearly that the fear is quite irrational. However, as the fear of words is maintained by the subconscious part of the mind, very little that they do consciously will assist in removing the fear.

For this reason, hypnosis is an extremely effective method to cure the fear of words. It allows an individual, often in the privacy of their own home, the ability to work on this often embarrassing phobia. What this means, is the individual can retain the peace of mind whilst being able to remove the phobia once and for all.

The benefits of curing logophobia are immense. From the Freedom of those physical side effects, through to the increased confidence and happiness in one’s own life. With hypnosis an individual can not only cure this fear, they can regain their freedom to enjoy life. Some have even reported to me feeling as though they have a fresh start in life.

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