Dragon Meditation – Transformation Process Of Universe Power To Our Body And Soul


Dragon Meditation (DM) is very very difference with another meditation. All meditation in the world to reveal your energy usually very hard and only for special person like rahib in shaoling temple. DM can conduct by anybody. Unfortunately, DM will not make your body flying like shaolin monk in the movie. But DM can made your feel and soul fly to another universe with all your consiousness. DM is meditation to make your body and soul in relax and zero condition also has fundamental believe to your God for transform universe energy to your body. Energy of your body will active like magnetization and made your body and soul more relax and strong. Zero condition in condition your body and mind in emptying and controlled by your feeling. Your feeling is main controler to change your mind and desire. Hand movement is very important because hand step will activate all energy to open body transformer for transform universe energy to our body and soul. Your believe and religion will made your energi better and bigger. So, if you are an atheis, it will made small energy active in your meditation. BUT, If you are an atheis , you can conduct it and will find some power of universe and will ask what is power that i can feel with this DM?. I can not answer except your self with your feeling.

Experiences in DM are: 1. You will feel fly and floate. It is good and normal. Keep your feel to your hand and another energy and magnet wave in your meditation. Keep pray more better too. 2. You will feel sad, cry, remember with your false and sin. Some participant on my class had cry very hard in meditation. If you get this experience, keep calm and feel always your palm. It will be controlled your DM. 3. Your energy and magnetization wave is very radical. Your hand movement is not according to movement step. Please keep to movement. So you must be remember always all step of DM. 4. Your body will joggling, sleeping down, jumping and etcetera. It is no problem as long as you can control hand movement. Keep feel your palm and please pray as you can. Do not fear. 5. You feel like water or something entry to your body via your hand or your head. It is good. This is energy of universe. 6. You can feel your energy spread to another side like sky, earth, wind and etc. It is good too. Keep feel it and this is transformation process your energy to unvierse energy. 7. You will feel more close to your GOD based on your way and religion. This is good. Keep it always.

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