Knee braces have been an essential part of protecting and healing knee injuries for years. DonJoy has created knee braces for all types of sports encounters and injuries, such as patella dislocation, tendonitis, meniscus injuries and tearing of the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament. DonJoy has also developed knee braces for people suffering from arthritis to alleviate pain in day-to-day activities. Some braces have soft hinges, some have rigid hinges, but which one to choose? Physical therapist, sports trainers, orthopedist or general physicians can recommend the proper brace to be worn depending on the severity of the injury and the weakness of the joint to be protected.

DonJoy knee supports are very popular in the sports world. It is common to see professional athletes with a DonJoy brace strapped on their knees at professional sporting events. In fact, many members of the NFL and Olympic athletes rely on these braces to keep them in the game. Not only do DonJoy knee supports help these athletes alleviate pain during training, but also minimize the chances of the athletes suffering from a new knee injury.

DonJoy has established itself as a leader in the knee brace market by leading production innovation with technology that is designed to help protect and heal knee injuries. DonJoy offers two unique product features that provide patients even more protection from injuries: Four-Points-of-Leverage and the FourPoint hinge.

The Four-Points-of-Leverage technology is one of DonJoy’s most well-known product advancements. The Four-Points-of-Leverage was developed and patented by DonJoy and makes DonJoy braces the best knee brace on the market because its been proven to help prevent ACL injuries. Knee braces equipped with Four-Points-of-Leverage include special hinges and straps which protect the knee by placing all pressure and impact around the actual knee, in areas such as the front thigh above the knee, the back of the thigh, the shin bone and the calf. During flexion, the Four-Points-of-Leverage brace hinge will direct the pressure to the shin bone, and supported by the other muscles as previously indicated, pressure becomes located around the knee so that the knee joint ligaments, especially the ACL, are protected from the strain. Four-Points-of-Leverage braces should be used to protect a weak knee or a sprained ligament from further damage, pre-surgery and to help heal the soft tissues post-surgery.

Another unique offering provided by DonJoy Knee Braces is the FourcePoint hinge, which is a technology that heightens the level of protection for the ACL. The FourcePoint hinge is the only hinge design that is clinically proven to protect the ACL from injury. This special hinge works with a leaf spring mechanism. How this technology works is it applies resistance (1, 2, 4 and 6 lbs.) gradually when the knee is at the last 25° of extension, thereby reducing the exposure to injury in the at-risk position of 60° flexion.

Always discuss the purchases of knee braces or any other kind of sports medicine products with your physician or medical professional. Your health professional can suggest the right brace or support for you, depending on your status.

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