Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy


According to a questionnaire distributed by Consumer Reports magazine, readers ranked their most effective alternative treatments for health issues and chiropractic care and massage ranked the highest. Chiropractic care and massage both have been proven to offer positive results for a number of ailments including headaches, back pain, digestive issues and nerve irritation. These two treatments complement each other and more and more are being used in conjunction with the other.

Because muscles are attached to joints and bones, it is important for them to be relaxed and stretched in order to prepare the skeletal system for proper alignment and to promote skeletal health. Chiropractic alignment can help to ensure that nerves are functioning correctly and the circulatory system is flowing correctly. Adjustments to the skeletal system to promote proper alignment will be more effective if the muscles are relaxed beforehand. Massage can also be used to relieve the symptoms of skeletal disorders. Often times, misalignments and other issues can cause the muscles to tighten or spasm. Massage can offer relief while the chiropractic treatments can fix the root of the problem. Many clinics are starting to offer chiropractic care and massage therapy together as the benefits of combining the two becomes more and more apparent.

Using massage therapy and chiropractic care together treats the body as a whole. The muscles and the bones work together and treating them as such offers up the best results. There are many benefits to using both techniques. One of the reasons chiropractic care is sought after is the desire to find a drug free alternative. The pain must still be addressed, however, and massage can help with that. It can work to loosen the tight muscles that cause pain while the chiropractic care works on the skeletal roots of the problem. They can also offer greater muscle flexibility and range of motion. Often times, skeletal issues are caused by inadequate range of motion and tight muscles that pull the joints out of line. Massage can also be used to prevent scar tissue from forming around knots of tension which can lead to skeletal problems. It is clear that the two techniques used together offer up the maximum benefit. The body can be treated as a whole system instead of parts which is one of the main goals of chiropractic care. If they are used properly, they can offer an alternative to surgery and the need for drugs and send you on the road to better health and a pain-free life.

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