Best Natural Ways to Stop Smoking – Sure Fire Way to Quit Cigarettes and Quit Smoking For Good


The best natural ways to stop smoking do not include nicotine replacements. Many conventional doctors will advise you to use things such as a nicotine patch to help you quit smoking. How crazy is that? Does it make much sense to use nicotine, such as in a patch to help you quit nicotine? A homeopathic practitioner will recommend herbal and ingredients that are plant based.

Nicotine is highly addictive, and if you’re like many people trying to quit cigarettes, the nicotine makes it especially tough to quit. Nicotine is similar to crack cocaine due to the withdrawal symptoms people experience when trying to quit without any aids.

Not Very Effective

Some doctors recommend that one of the best natural ways to stop smoking is to gradually cut back the number of cigarettes that you smoke every day, but that often does not actually help people quit smoking. Because, the psychological dependence on the act of smoking is not addressed.

In order to quit cigarettes, you need to be able to overcome the psychological, as well as the physical addiction. Either nicotine replacement or the small amount of tobacco in homeopathic remedies will help with the physical cravings, but not the psychological dependence.

Herbal Plus Nutritional

So, the best natural ways to stop smoking, in terms of effectiveness, include herbal and nutritional support to reduce physical cravings and counseling, emotional support, relaxation techniques and education. Before you can quit smoking, you need to learn why you smoke in the first place.

It’s very rare that a smoker has not tried to quit cigarettes at one time or another. However, one thing or another always prevented them from being able to quit. If they were successful in their search for the best natural ways to stop smoking they would have been able to stop.

The Poison Nut

Because people are concerned that they may experience weight gain they stop trying to quit smoking before they even begin. Have you ever heard of the poison nut? It’s a homeopathic remedy that halts hunger and the desire for food. It makes it possible to quit cigarettes, and not increase your weight.

So, one of the best natural ways to stop smoking without a lingering cough or all the other withdrawal symptoms is a homeopathic cure. Many people have discovered it gave them the way to finally quit smoking for good.

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