Bee Pollen for Effective Treatment of Thyroid and Other Conditions


Bee Pollen Helps Thyroid Conditions

According to several studies on the various uses for bee pollen, thyroid conditions of different kinds have been managed successfully with regular supplementation. Extensive testing has shown bee powder to have a beneficial effect on hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, largely through its immunomodulatory properties and regulating effects on metabolism.

Thyroid-Based Weight Conditions Helped with Bee Supplementation

When starting a regimen of supplementation, thyroid patients typically first show improvements in weight control. This is because the thyroid gland is the governor of metabolism in the body, and most thyroid conditions result from imbalances that produce certain visible symptoms such as the inability to lose or gain weight. Since cernitin pollen extract has a superior ability to regulate metabolism, most thyroid imbalances are corrected with regular pollen supplementation, and weight stabilization occurs as a result.

Bee Powder Supplementation Regulates the Immune System

As one of the more miraculous effects of bee pollen, thyroid regulation is mainly possible because pollen is a very effective immunomodulator. Many thyroid conditions like Grave’s Disease or Hashimoto’s Disease are autoimmune in nature and characterized by an overactive immune system that causes the body to attack its own normally occurring antigens because it has a hard time recognizing true threats. With these specific thyroid diseases, the immune system directly attacks the thyroid and causes it to overproduce thyroid hormones. Several studies show bee supplements to be helpful in this area, for it exhibits a remarkable ability to control any faulty reactions of the immune system by teaching defender cells the difference between an actual pathogen and the body’s own tissues.

Other Reported Effects of Pollen Supplementation

– Reduces atherosclerosis symptoms and increases vascular health

– Safe and effective for natural weight loss

– Raises levels of hemoglobin in anemic patients

– Normalizes cholesterol levels

– Inhibits the growth of tumors

– Is lethal to most bacteria

– Stimulates fertility and libido

– Alleviates allergic symptoms

Use Only the Best

When deciding to pursue healing and health maintenance with bee pollen, thyroid conditions or ailments of any kind will respond better with only the purest pollen, for pollutants can significantly lessen its effectiveness. Extensive scientific testing of pollen sources all over the globe shows New Zealand to have some of the cleanest pollen in the world. This is easy to believe, for this nuclear-free island country is well-known for its pristine landscape and clean air.

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