Archangel Chamuel Asks Us to Turn to Meditation and Yoga to Contact Angels and God


I am blessed with being able to have conversations with Archangels and Ascended Masters, courtesy of my wife, Jill, who is an Avatara (Male is Avatar); a person chosen by the Godhead, to receive and deliver messages for the benefit of mankind. The Angelic Realm use telepathy to contact and communicate with people, and if the medium is powerful enough, they can speak through them.

On this occasion, we were talking to Archangel Chamuel and this is what I penned:-

Archangel Chamuel: Greetings! Those who read of our teachings, we would ask if they truly grasp the meanings of our teachings? It is so hard for you all to understand and accept that, unless you know yourself, no amount of practicing religious rites, prayers, or acts will connect you with God; light; the one conscious energy.

You will never find God in churches, temples, mosques. For you must remember, God is formless. When you discover and accept the truth for yourselves, you will see that all forms of worship, rituals and religions, should be abandoned; for the only thing you should worship is yourselves.

Jill: Why worship yourself?

Chamuel: God exists in every part of you. God is not an external thing. When you understand this and it resonates within you as truth, enlightenment is yours. Presently millions of people pray, fast, and live their lives under the delusion that God is elsewhere. If that is so, does this mean you’ve been abandoned? In reality, God has never left you. For God; light; the one conscious energy is you.

There are no special methods to contacting God. It is the awareness of God residing in you, that you have to become aware of. Many of you are trying to find God. You’re looking and yet you’re not seeing or feeling God. Look in the mirror. Look into your eyes. It is difficult to see God, when you don’t really see yourself.

Jill: Why don’t we truly see ourselves?

Chamuel: It is your mind that blocks you from finding God. Through years of programming from other humans you have learnt to block and hide your inner self. This is why your mind can be your worst nightmare and your happiest experience. Because of this, yoga and meditation were brought to mankind.

Jill: Why meditation and yoga?

Chamuel: For when you truly experience stillness, and you free yourself from the thoughts that hound you, you connect with your inner soul. There you find true liberation, knowledge and light. It is the way you can connect with the one conscious energy; light, which you call God. To meditate, it is important that you understand the mind, its worth to you and the vast ability it possesses to manufacture, devise, ponder and bring forth knowledge. The mind cannot be forced into meditation, you have to understand your mind and slowly learn the art of letting go of thoughts.

Jill: How do you do this?

Chamuel: By realising the mind is nothing more than pure energy of consciousness. All the time, your thoughts come and go, even whilst asleep you dream, consciousness is constantly creating. When a thought is created in your mind, you create words, pictures; and then together you give the words, pictures meaning by adding emotions.

It is when words, pictures and emotions combine that your inner energy; God; light; the one conscious energy, affects your human body. Hence; once consciousness has created a thought, it is your choice whether it becomes pain or joy, love or jealousy. It is this same awareness that can help you to attain inner peace and connectedness. Just for now, breathe deeply, think calm, warm, content. Do you see how easy it is to liberate your agitated mind?

Jill: Yes, yet I still don’t quite see how this connects us with God.

Chamuel: You will. We have to get you to first start seeing yourself as already complete and at one with God. To do this, requires you to retrain your mind. Start to be aware of yourself. Think of your choices, before saying something or answering someone’s question. Try to practice quiet contemplation for the rest of the day. Practicing letting thoughts come and go. Do not dwell on them. Everyone can meditate and let their mind free. Anyone who watches the T.V., experiences this, so it is not hard to learn how to connect with God; light; the one conscious energy.

Blessed be and remember that God already resides in thee.


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